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Professional wrapping school

Our car wrapping courses are primarily aimed at imparting maximum knowledge to our students.

Throughout the course you will be immersed in the process as much as possible. In addition to the technology of car wrapping, you will learn how to properly take the car to work, what you need to pay attention to, preparation of the body to work, disassembly. You will also get full information about films and tools.

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The training itself, the required amount of PPF film, tools and other consumables.




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What we will teach you

On the basis of our center we offer you training in various technologies including car wrapping with film. The advantage of our course is the individual approach. We teach both one person and small groups of several people. This course is suitable for everyone who wants to learn new directions, and get a stable income. In the process of training you will learn in detail about the tools, equipment and materials used for car body pasting. 

You will have the opportunity to personally participate in the process of work on the application of anti-gravel films.

Our bodywork professionals will share their knowledge and skills in a fully immersive workflow to reveal the secrets of the complexities of wrapping for beginners. CAR WRAP employees have serviced hundreds of cars with their own hands, and our rich experience is also applied in training. Everyone can learn to glue films on the body, the most important thing is the right approach. Training of polyurethane film gluing starts from the very basics. 

Professional wrapping school

We will teach all the subtleties in detail on our own example. It is mandatory that each student will go through all stages, from theory to practice.

We pay great attention to the theory, as this technology includes many technological stages, and each stage is very important. We will teach you how to properly take and prepare the car, how to cut the film and where to start body pasting. Practice will take place directly on cars. 

During the period of training you will paste more than one car that will allow you to build up your hand and with confidence to start working independently in this field of services. practice.

Study of tools and films
The first stage of training you will learn everything about films, what are the differences between materials of different brands, what films we use, our recommendations. We will also study the whole set of tools and consumables for bodywork. What liquids to use and in what concentration, how to care for films and tools.
Preparation of the body for wrapping.
In the process of training our team will teach you how to properly prepare the car before pasting with anti-gravel films. They will teach you how to correctly and without consequences for the car body to eliminate various contaminants and defects in the paintwork, which can interfere with the quality of car wrapping. You will also learn how to dismantle and disassemble the elements of the car, necessary when installing polyurethane films.
Cutting and use of tools.
Polyurethane film is a rather expensive material, so one of the most important steps of film installation is proper cutting. We will teach you how to use the tools correctly, calculate the required volume accurately and cut the films before installation. After all, knowing how to calculate the material accurately and correctly will save you money and nerves in the future.
Pasting of car elements.
In the process of training we will teach you how to work with car elements of different complexity. Starting from the simplest, step by step, under constant supervision and control of our masters, you will learn to glue more and more complex car body parts.
Gluing of geometrically complex parts.
During the work, the master will occasionally have to deal with rather complex geometric parts of the body. The elastic properties of the film allow to glue and such parts, of course they should be given special attention. We will teach you how to do it, tell and show you all the subtleties and secrets! How to properly dock the film in places where it is not possible to glue a solid piece, this and much more you will learn in our course.
Removing the film from the car body.
An important stage of training is the correct removal of the film from the car body. The master must not only be able to install the film, but also be able to remove it. Proper dismantling is a guarantee that the paintwork after removal of the film will remain without any damage. We will tell you which liquids are better to wash off the adhesive residue, and which ones are not worth using.
Film care and warranty service.
The film, like any other element of the car body also requires care, proper operation is the key to the longevity of the material. We will tell you what and how we take care of polyurethane films, with what periodicity it should be done. We will tell you what problems can arise with the film in the process of operation and how to solve them. How to make so that to minimize the claims costs.
Examination and receiving a certificate.
The final stage of training is passing the exam, which consists of two parts. The first part is theory. Then you will have to paste a few parts of the car by yourself and then have them checked by our masters. After you have confirmed your skills you will be given a certificate of training in the CarWrap Detailing Studio.