Full car wrapping with vinyl film

  • Сar wash
  • Cleaning of the body preparation for pasting
  • Dismantling and collection of cars
  • Vinyl installation

Full car wrapping with PPF film

  • Сar wash
  • Cleaning of the body preparation for pasting
  • Dismantling and collection of cars
  • Installation of PPF film
Tinting car

Tinting the rear of the car as a GIFT

  • When ordering a full wrapping of a car with PPF film



Wrapping and detailing Centre in Barcelona

Our experienced specialists perform to perfection any type of work your car may need, including:

  • Complete vehicle maintenance, including repairs of any complexity, as well as interior soundproofing work.
  • Gentle restorative polishing of any surface of your car, giving it a like-new appearance
  • Application of specialised preservatives to protect all types of surfaces.
  • Repair and service of electric cars and we also have our own charging station for your electric cars.
  • Installation of any additional equipment, as well as installation of alarm systems and advanced security systems.
  • Full colour vinyl (we have a wide range of colours and textures in our stock) to give your car a unique style and protection against external influences.
  • Application of all types of coatings, from ceramic to anti-gravel, as well as armouring and professional dyes with different types of films.
  • Complete and thorough cleaning of the vehicle, without leaving a space without polishing and cleaning! Including interior cleaning of any type of material.

10 reasons to choose CAR WRAP

Contacting our professional detailing centre in Barcelona opens the door to a series of unique advantages:

  1. Our specialists are true craftsmen with extensive experience and high qualifications.
  2. A warranty is provided for every job performed. Your car will be in the good hands of our masters.
  3. Our automotive service is equipped with modern equipment for all types of work, enabling us to meet deadlines and provide high quality services.
  4. We offer regular customers discounts on our services.
  5. We comply with the standards and requirements of car manufacturers.
  6. The whole range of services is in one room.
  7. We offer a wide range of modern car tuning services.
  8. For your convenience, we provide high-quality details of the car’s interior.
  9. Every stage of the work is agreed with you, we do nothing without your agreement.
  10. For those waiting for their cars, we offer cosy and comfortable waiting areas.

By choosing us, you are making the right choice not only for your car, but also for your personal comfort. Trust us with your car and we will do our best to meet your expectations.