Wrapping car

Are you looking for a reliable and quality car wrapping Barcelona? Then you need the CAR WRAP Detailing Centre. Our craftsmen are real professionals in their field, perfectly performing works of any complexity. We will professionally wrap your car with 3M, Inozetek color vinyl protective film with unique designs in Barcelona, Valencia and Girona. You can choose absolutely any color to cover your vehicle. Turning to our car service, you can be sure that you will be 100% satisfied with the appearance of your car.

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What kind of car films can be?

Today, car wrapping is not only the most convenient and fastest way to protect your vehicle from external factors, but also a great opportunity to give it a unique appearance with the help of full car wrap Barcelona with coloured vinyl films.

CAR WRAP’s experienced craftsmen will perfectly apply any type of films to your car, among which are:

  • protective – it is a very thin polyurethane film (its thickness is 200 microns), serving to protect the paintwork of the body from road hazards (stones, road reagents) and small;
  • vinyl – car wrapping vinyl will help to get a unique design, thanks to the fact that these films have many shades, textures and effects;
  • polyurethane – this option can have a matte or glossy effect. Matte films turn the native body color into a matte finish, creating a unique and mysterious look. Gloss gives the car a deep and rich color, as if it had just come out of the factory;
  • decorative – it is an instrument of transformation of your car, changing not only its color, but also giving it uniqueness and special charm.
Wrapping car
Wrapping car

Why car wrap?

Car wrap (Girona, Valencia or any other city) is not only a reliable armor for your car, but also a real magic for your car, and here is why:

  1. The film resists scratches, bumps, small stones and even insects, preventing even the smallest damage. This means your bodywork remains unscathed, without scratches, scuffs or chips.
  2. The film not only reflects but also absorbs UV rays. This prevents the paint from fading and fading when exposed to sunlight, and protects plastic and rubber from ageing and cracking.
  3. The smooth surface of the film makes it less susceptible to dust and dirt, making it easier to wash your car. Dirt and stains are easily washed off, keeping your car clean.
  4. Car wrapping gives the bodywork not only protection but also a spectacular appearance. It creates a glossy (or matte), even tint while maintaining the brightness and depth of the paint color, making your car even more attractive and helping to maintain its value.
  5. The film can be removed without damaging the paint or body surface, giving you the freedom to renew or change the protective film without getting involved in complicated and expensive repainting processes.

Car wrapping for all tastes at CAR WRAP

When you order a car wrapping Valencia, Girona or Barcelona at our Detailing Centre, rest assured that you will be delighted with the result of our work. In our studio you will find a whole world of shades, from super glossy ones, where the car shines like a pearl, to matte ones that frame it in a mysterious mystery. Satin films give it an elegant, silky dress, while structural films add textures and details that make it truly unique. We have no restrictions on texture, you can choose anything you like – mat, gloss, carbon, clear film, mirror film, etc. There is a huge variety of film options, so we are sure to find the perfect one for you. And our professional craftsmen will perfectly film your vehicle, making it stand out from the monotony of standard paint jobs.

Wrapping car


Wrapping & PPF prices

Pasting the front of the polyurethane


300 €

Full PPF


2200 €

Full wrapping


1400 €