Car tinting

Тint car is the best way to protect the interior of the car not only from sunlight, heating of the interior, but also from prying eyes. Car tinting not only preserves the interior, provides privacy for things in the cabin, thanks to darkening, but also gives the car a stylish and interesting appearance.

from 80 €

Features of car window tinting

If you want to prolong the life of the interior upholstery and interior elements from the effects of ultraviolet rays, the best solution will be tint car windows of the car in a professional detailing center CAR WRAP. Our experienced craftsmen will perform high-quality tinting with athermal film of front, side, rear windows in Barcelona and Valencia. We will protect your car from the heat from 80 euros.

Features of tinting windows depends on the type of films, as they come in different and have different functions. For example, it can be tinted, athermal, mirror, colored films and other options. Today you can choose a solution that will not only protect from ultraviolet rays, help to preserve the condition of the interior, but also allow you to realize creative design ideas.

High-quality tint car (Barcelona, Valencia) is performed in CAR WRAP. In our car studio we offer individual to each car, and guarantee that we will find the perfect tinting for your vehicle. At the same time we guarantee the use of only high quality materials. Our experts, who have years of experience, will help you find the best percentage of tinting to meet your needs and preferences.

Why you need tinting and its benefits

Window tinting provides comfort in many aspects. The absence of prying eyes on one hand gives you a sense of privacy, and on the other hand, it protects your eyes from the bright rays of the sun, which makes driving more comfortable even on sunny days. But there are other reasons why you should use the windows tint auto service:

  1. Modern tinting films provide a high level of comfort when driving. Thanks to them, you get 99% protection from UV radiation and 97% protection from infrared radiation. This not only improves your safety, but also creates a pleasant environment in the car interior.
  2. In addition to protecting the interior from burnout, tinted windows reduce the load on the air conditioner and give your car a more elegant and stylish appearance.
  3. Windows tint enhances the feeling of privacy. Safety films offer a wide range of light transmission from 5% to 50%, so you can match the degree of darkening to the driver’s preference.
  4. The right degree of darkening ensures that personal belongings and audio systems inside the car are safe and protected, while preventing them from being seen from the outside.
  5. Tint auto protects the windshield from chipping and damage, and increases safety in the event of a DDT by holding broken glass shards together. They are able to hold the glass in place even in severe impacts, greatly reducing the risk of accidents on the road.
  6. Tinted windows not only provide comfort and privacy, but also add elegance and stylish appearance to the car.

Advantages of contacting CAR WRAP experts

Tint car (Valencia, Barcelona) in our car service is not just a procedure, it is care for your safety, comfort and style. Cooperation with us offers many advantages:

  • our employees are true masters of their craft with many years of experience in car tinting;
  • we use only high quality film from the best world manufacturers;
  • we use a special base for perfect adhesion of the film and do not skimp on important elements to make your car look amazing;
  • the professional hair dryer we use allows us to position the film in the desired shape and position, ensuring fast and accurate results;
  • we provide a warranty on our films so that you can be sure of its reliability and durability.

Call us, make an appointment and see for yourself that we are the best detailing center in Spain.


Prices for car tinting

Toning the back of the car


80 €

Тoning the front of the car


120 €

Full toning the car


200 €

Booking the windshield (СlearPlax)


230 €