Car polishing

Car polishing is not just a process, it is a lifesaving shield for your vehicle’s paintwork (paintwork). It acts as a barrier, protecting the paintwork from aggressive environments and corrosion, resulting in a longer life for your vehicle and maintaining its stunning appearance.

from 250 €

High-quality polishing

High-quality polishing and waxing of cars in Barcelona and Valencia is performed by experienced masters of professional detailing center CAR WRAP.

Car polishing (Barcelona, Valencia) is one of the many services provided by our car service. The procedure performed by our masters allows you to remove defects such as scratches, stains and irregularities from the body, restore the beauty of the paintwork of your car to the state of a new car. Also polishing is a prerequisite if the driver wants to apply nano ceramic protection to the body.

Types of car polishing in CAR WRAP

In our car service we always follow an individual approach to each car. Our master makes a thorough analysis of the condition of the body paintwork, takes into account the type of coating and your wishes to choose the best type of polishing, as well as the necessary equipment and materials to achieve unsurpassed results.

Porsche 911 Polishing

There are several main variants of auto polish (Barcelona):

  • Restorative – aimed at the maximum elimination of scratches and small defects of the paintwork, returning your car velvety smoothness, shine and attractiveness;
  • Protective – usually performed immediately after purchasing or painting your car. Its purpose is to create a reliable shield around the paintwork, while preserving its pristine appearance as much as possible;
  • Cosmetic – aimed at removing small and minor scratches, leaving your car shining and flawless.

Features of protective polishing

The technology of the service has its own peculiarities for each machine, but there are general requirements that are observed in any case. For example, the work is carried out in a clean room with good light and ventilation. Also, to polish the car, you should first conduct a thorough washing of your car, then you need to get rid of foreign materials that could damage the surface of the body, after that you need to dry the surface and degrease it.

Each car brand has its own peculiarities in polishing techniques. European cars, like well-hardened artists, tend to have harder paintwork that requires special attention and care, while Asian cars have a softer finish. It’s like choosing different brushes for different masterpieces of art to make each car shine in all its glory.

Professional car polishing (Valencia) at CAR WRAP

At CAR WRAP Detailing Center we have true professionals in the business, specializing in quality car repair and care. Our skill is to return the car to a deep and rich color, as well as a pristine shine, as if your car has just left the factory gates.

We do the job this way:

  1. Careful inspection and thorough cleaning of even the hardest-to-reach areas Then we dry and degrease every inch of the body surface to create the perfect base before polishing.
  2. We take care of every little detail, before starting polishing our specialists to protect those places on the car that can be damaged. Plastic and rubber elements are carefully taped with special painter’s tape, preventing lacquer burning in these areas and warning against excessive application on complex and small parts.
  3. For each car we select the best variants of pastes with different degrees of abrasiveness and polishing wheels to create a playful surface of your car.
  4. We use only certified car wax & polish in our work.
  5. We value your time, and therefore orders are always fulfilled within the stipulated time frame.

Our specialists will perform professional car polishing and waxing in the CAR WRAP Detailing Center in Barcelona and Valencia at a price of 220 euros. With us your car will shine like new!


Prices for car polishing

Car polishing


250 €

Ceramic car covering


230 €

Ceramic coating on the skin


180 €

Ceramic coating on wheel drives


150 €

Ceramic coating on the caliper


90 €

Ceramic anti-rain on glass


100 €