Noise and vibration insulation

Car noise insulation is a process that eliminates or significantly reduces unwanted noise and vibrations penetrating into the car interior. This effect can be achieved through the use of special materials. The combination of such materials, certified equipment and experienced skill of specialists of the CAR WRAP Detailing Center guarantees excellent acoustic comfort and gives the opportunity to enjoy silence or quality sound of music in the cabin without extraneous noises penetrating from outside.

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Features of vibration isolation

The engine often makes itself known by vibrations, especially at idle or at maximum rpm. To avoid this, factory engineers use special protective caps and rubber washers that eliminate humming, rumbling, squeaking and rattling. But in reality it turns out that often this is not enough, so most drivers resort to additional measures, wanting to get a comfortable car with noise and audio vibration isolation in Barcelona or any other city.

Vibration isolation of the car includes a series of measures aimed at completely or as much as possible rid the car of vibrations coming from, for example, the engine or other sources. These vibrations are directed to a specially installed damper of low-frequency acoustic waves, where they disappear or are significantly reduced.

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Noise and vibration insulation
Noise and vibration insulation

Differences between noise isolation and  audio  vibration isolation

Vibration isolation and car soundproofing are two different aspects of providing comfort in the interior of a car by reducing the effects of noise and vibration, but they solve different problems and use different methods.

The main purpose of noise isolation is to reduce external noises and sounds that penetrate the interior of the car. Noise insulation aims to reduce noise from the road, wind, engine and other sources. For this purpose, various soundproofing materials such as polyurethane foam, vinyl foam, acoustic films and panels are used and installed in various parts of the car to reduce noise penetration.

Vibration isolation aims to reduce vibrations coming from various sources in the car such as the engine, suspension, road surface and even the car itself in motion. Vibration isolation uses materials and components that absorb or mitigate vibrations, such as rubber washers, shock absorbers, sound absorbing materials, and even special dampers.

Ideally, for maximum comfort and soundproofing, it is best to combine both of these technologies. Noise insulation will reduce the penetration of external noises, while vibration isolation will help reduce vibrations and unwanted sounds coming from inside the car.

Advantages of noise and vibration isolation

Noise insulation will give you a comfortable ride and provide a pleasant ride for your passengers. A noise and vibration isolated car has a lot of advantages:

  1. Reducing the noise background opens up the possibility to form a calmer atmosphere, peace and quiet.
  2. Comfort on long trips reduces fatigue from annoying noises during long journeys.
  3. Complete elimination of squeaks coming from the interior decorative parts saves the driver from irritation behind the wheel.
  4. Reducing engine vibration, rubber, suspension, vibration and even road vibration makes the ride more enjoyable.
  5. Improved music sound – allows you to enjoy quality sound without external interference and noise.
  6. Improving acoustic music reproduction – provides the ability to enjoy high-quality sounds without extraneous noise.

Creating a cozy environment in the cabin, thanks to the isolation of noise in the cabin, the driver can maintain his concentration, and passengers can enjoy conversation without unnecessary effort and raising the voice.

Noise and vibration insulation