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CAR WRAP detailing studio provides a wide range of quality services for your car that will help it look great and be well protected.

We have been working for many years and have a great experience.

In our work we use materials of the best world brands. We guarantee high quality of our services, pleasant atmosphere and responsible approach to work. We will be happy to answer your questions and arrange a meeting with us.


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We offer the following services:

Wrapping car
Personalize your car with a custom vinyl wrap that lets you change the color of your entire car or highlight specific parts and chrome pieces to give them a unique style.
Paint Protection Film (PPF)
Protect your car with the world's top brands of anti-gravel PPF (polyurethane) film. The tough 175-230 micron film provides excellent protection against gravel and other damage, and is hydrophobic and self-healing.
We will restore your car to its original beauty by thoroughly cleaning every detail. These works are carried out individually for each car, taking into account its individual condition and satisfying the owner's requirements.
Car polishing
To restore and enhance the appearance of your vehicle, we offer polishing, including light buffing and repair of even minor paint damage.
Car wash & Cleaning
Let your interior sparkle clean with our professional dry cleaning service, which includes cleaning specific areas such as door cards and seats, as well as general cleaning of the entire interior.
Wax and ceramic coating
For long-term protection of your car, we also offer wax and ceramic coating to keep it beautiful and shiny for a long time.